a new beginning

In the fall of 2012, just jell was created.

It was created from a hunger to share my exploration through garment seams and pencil strokes. It was always a tremendous pleasure writing for you all the past 2 years, 8months+ and I feel so thankful for dedicated readers who has read every post and anyone who read just one article.

But I need a change of pace, a new direction.
My hunger is not yet filled, my journey is still continuing.

I'm grateful to have readers like yourself, thank you for all your continuous support through out the years.

I have high goals and big plans for my new venture (hint: a focus on androgyny and minimalism).

I sincerely hope you join me in my new chapter at hey just jei, my first post debuts tomorrow!


Ahh I'm sorry for late update, but this still needs to be talked about!
This year's TCAF was insane! I probably spent half of it super jittery and nervous to meet some of my fave artists, and the other half running on a high after meeting them.
But the entire time was 110% fun and inspiring. It amazes me that all these artists took so much time to sit down, write/draw about something they're really passionate about and create zines/prints. It was an amazing atmosphere to experience.

Easily the highlight of my day was meeting an artist I discovered forever ago and has admired ever since, the amazing Elisha Lim.

OUTFIT: what to wear to a sports event

This year I'm committed to attend my first baseball game (errr...admittedly, my first sports event!) with some very excited (and determined) friends. But I'm a bit hesitant about what I would wear. Will I look foolish if I don't sport a jersey? Are foam fingers mandatory? I looked to Fanatics for inspiration.

I took a dive in my closet to see what I could pull together for a simple outfit. 
If you're unsure what to wear for your next game day, here are some simple tips to help you decide.

REVIEW: lost mannequin sid winged backpack

These beautifully crafted leather backpacks originally caught my eye through Tokyo street snaps and across Tumblr. I originally bought my backpack last year back when it was under the label "lost mannequin". It was an independent label headed by a self-taught artist, Indonesian designer Freda Gilda. She expertly hand crafted every leather good herself, proudly with no mass production.

With global customers and a loyal following hungry for more, they expanded and rebranded as Lucid Moxie. Backed with a pack of  local skilled artisans and a solid vision in mind, they are currently creating an outstanding collection of highly sought-after unique leather accessories.

TV: Fresh Off the Boat review

I want to take this opportunity to speak about an important issue to me; Asian representation in mainstream media. While Asian entertainers, writers, and actors take to YouTube to make their mark respectively, there is still an obvious gap for a positive Asian voice in mainstream media.

When we do have a chance to make our mark on the big screen, we either get stuck with stereotypical roles: the socially awkward nerd, sexually vivacious dragon lady or the goofy foreigner who struggles with Western culture. These characters usually lack any depth or dimension.

Enter: Fresh Off the Boat that debuted on ABC last week.

This refreshing and hilarious take on the American Dream follows a Taiwanese family in the 90's adjusting to their new lives in Orlando after moving from Washington D.C.. This was loosely inspired by the memoirs of restaurateur Eddie Huang.

After finish watching their 1 hour debut last week, I was hungry for more.