RUNWAY REVIEW: A little romance goes a long way

Haider Ackermann S/S 2013
The difference between a bland collection and a memorable collection is emotion.
Of coarse design innovation, and dynamic details captures your attention. But when a collection can touch you on an aesthetic as well as an emotional level? It is no longer just clothes. It's an impression, a physical and artistic expression represented in fabrics.

That's where Haider Ackermann comes in. He never ceases to add pages of romance into the mental scrapbook of his viewer. 

Though celebrated for his rich color palette (that still echoes in my mind whenever I think about jewels), and is no stranger to elevating monochromatic scheme, previous unexplored strong graphic prints were used throughout the collection.

His signature look of intrinsic structured jackets made their appearances with patterned collars or contrast bodies married with flowing, silk trousers were abundant.
Pairing his structured looks with flowing sheer gowns in polka dots gave a picturesque impression of almost lingerie. The impression it adds? That romanticism that Ackermann always has, the unique dance between femininity and masculinity. It is that signature ballroom dance that allows his viewer to fall in love with him a little more, each collection, or emotional impression, he dawns on us.

Did Ackermann's latest collection make you emote?
Is emotion an important element of a collection to you?

OUTFIT: A zebra's argument

Sometimes I force myself to wear color. It's too easy to wear all black everyday, but let's be honest, there's such comfort being wrapped in layers of nori, isn't there? I'm a complete sucker for deliberately clashed patterns that argue loudly or disruptively so in my outfit.

Please excuse my disgruntled expression...I do normally rock the "cool guy model doesn't smile" look, but I was especially annoyed this time around. The nosy neighbor girl was bouncing on her trampoline, trying to spy on my little photo-shoot. She stopped periodically to text and once I left, she also left (how suspicious?)

If my non-discreet neighbor happens to be reading this post: I wasn't posing on top of a camel in 6" heels for a spread in Vogue. This is all what I was doing. Are you happy?
Scarf/Top: Thrifted
Pants: Self Made
Shoes: Online shop in Japan

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