Mmm Mmm Margiela Part III- What is fashion?

I do hate to start any post with an apology, but I feel like I do owe you one! I had technical difficulties with my last Margiela post. I shot over 3 days, outside, inside, diff rooms, diff lighting...all this madness. 
Please accept my apology...we can enjoy the post now, yes?
I think I talked my mouth off with the story and the details behind Martin Margiela.
In short, the darted jacket feels wonderful, like second skin. The flat coat is delicate like paper, it doesn't wrinkle, it crinkles. I love it regardless, but I'm afraid of wearing it sometimes!
I baby my clothes...

I want to get a little personal here and answer the question, what is fashion to me?

Mmm mmm Margiela Part I- The story

Maison Martin Margiela needs no introduction. The iconic house is the father of deconstruction, renown for it's minimalistic yet avant-garde designs, outlandish silhouettes, and the vanishing designer.

You didn't have to be a dedicated lover of the understated cool house to have heard about the collaboration with H&M, with posters plastered everywhere. Though LOVE AETHETICS deducted the irony about how the exclusive house was reaching a mass produced audience, I was honored for the chance to be part of the Margiela vision.

For months I had planned on lining up the previous night to join the frenzy of die-hard fans. But as the date reached closer, I had to hide my head in homework and dream about what might've been.

OUTFIT: The pensive pirate prince's puffy pants

Shhh the pirate prince is deep in thought...
Earlier this week I asked you to guess what my Halloween costume was. If you guessed pirate, yerrr only half right!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It's the spirit of giving candy (unless you're "too old" to enjoy the wonders of trick or treating...) and an exciting time to assume a new persona.

Ah yes, I previously talked about why I love to dress up. You could say everyday is my own personal Halloween, being any character I wish to be. But what makes this holiday extra special? 

Halloween preview

I hope you all had a ghoulishly good time on Halloween!
I won't tell you what I dressed up as just yet, here's a couple hints:

Tune in latarrr this week for the full monty!

COSPLAY: Nana, a sweet shade of punk

Dear baby blog,
I haven't forgotten about you, did you forget about me?

I'm sorry for the delay! I've been indescribably busy with school work and what not. I think about writing you always, but time seems to escape me. Forgive me? I promise to write to you at least once a week!
I used Michelle Phan's Nana make-up tutorial to get the look.

I always say the most exciting time of the day is when you're deciding what to wear.
To me, I am choosing a persona for the day. Of course I'm always just Jell on the inside, regardless of what I wear. But sometimes, you have to let your inner child play dress-up.