Maison Martin Margiela needs no introduction. The iconic house is the father of deconstruction, renown for it's minimalistic yet avant-garde designs, outlandish silhouettes, and the vanishing designer.

You didn't have to be a dedicated lover of the understated cool house to have heard about the collaboration with H&M, with posters plastered everywhere. Though LOVE AETHETICS deducted the irony about how the exclusive house was reaching a mass produced audience, I was honored for the chance to be part of the Margiela vision.

For months I had planned on lining up the previous night to join the frenzy of die-hard fans. But as the date reached closer, I had to hide my head in homework and dream about what might've been.

 A little push would have pulled me to make the 12 hour long wait in the line up. I had fellow fashion friends wanting to go, but couldn't. Was it silly to admit that I was afraid of lining up alone? Wouldn't it all be worth it for Margiela?

Though the thought haunted me throughout the night ("Why didn't you go? You can hand sew a skirt hem in the line up! Don't be scared, line up alone! Fashion is not for wusses"), I decided to see what was left in the morning and try to imagine my dreams of owning a Margiela piece.

I arrived an hour after the doors opened, I was surprised to see that they were still handing out wrist bands. According to the shop keep, of the 250 wrist bands they originally had, they handed out 100 the night before, and 60 at 6am.

At 9am, I was #166.
The informed me that my slot was 9:15-9:25am?! Could I make it? In 10 MINUTES, could I find the infamous re-edition of candy wrapper clutch, narrow shoulder jacket, and the darted sweater?

A friend of mine gave me a piece of advice, grab EVERYTHING I can. I didn't have to buy everything I picked up, but I couldn't buy what I wasn't holding...makes sense doesn't it?

When I finally got inside the gated area, the advice vanished from my mind. I ran like a mad man looking for the candy wrapper clutch...until an employee told me they long sold out of it.

Heart broken, I made my trek for the rest of the items.I foolishly tried on my garments in front of the mirror, surrounded by frenzy shoppers.

"5 minutes left!" shouted the employee, making her round. I couldn't find my top three items, I couldn't even find my top ten, but I refused to leave empty handed.

Then they started to usher us into the fitting room. I didn't realize we had that moment after to try on clothes...While I shopped, I kept reminding myself, There isn't a point buying garments too small to wear! Even if it is Margiela, it will only render me sad! But had I known I could try on clothes after? I wouldn't be kicking myself.

As I tried on my small pile, I overheard other shoppers asking the employees to grab different sizes in the garments they did have. What? You can do that?! Why didn't I do that? I thought to myself, This is why you had to grab EVERYTHING YOU COULD!

An employee rolling a rack away allowed me to grab the darted sweater to try was too tight around the neck. The narrow shoulder jacket I did grab fit beautifully in my shoulders...but as for the rest of my torso? I could have easily bought it if I didn't mind holding my breath for as long as I wore the garment.

But, luckily I did not go home empty handed.

Tune in tomorrow for a full picture post on my goods!

Hmm which Margiela piece could I be wearing?