I'm sure you're pretty curious about what treasures I brought back with me during the opening of Maison Martin Margiela's H&M collaborative collection!

This is more of a design detail appreciative/analysis post. I will have an outfit post soon with my treasures!
Embossed (well, carved) hangers to soothe the soul

I was very thrilled to find one of the last few available sizes left of this blazer. I thought it was brilliant to include this piece into the collaborative collection, as it is a recognizable throw back to one of MMM's strongest collections, the flat and boxy collection (for a lack of better description).

Are you as excited as I am? IS THAT NOT BRILLIANT? The sleeve lies completely flat like paper. Owning this blazer feels like owning a piece of the original sandwich board collection.

A very flat lapel. When normally drafted, lapels lovingly fit close to your body. But wearing this blazer honestly feels like layers of cardboard are laying on top of me. Not to say that is necessarily a bad thing. It feels surreal to wear something so outlandish.

The sleeve head! The sleeves were drafted in such a way where they were applied closer to the front (as opposed to the side), thus they lay flatter. A sleeve head is typically rounded, but this layers noticeably flat. When worn, bending my arms becomes a difficult task (but I'm quite fine with that!).
Overall, my movement is restricted but it's part of the surrealism embodied within Margiela.

After my sewing class, I left the Eaton Centre's H&M to find the candy wrapper clutch. I headed to Yorkdale's H&M. Of coarse, they were sold out as well. I'm almost sure they were sold out 10 minutes of the store opening, where people bought them in bulk to sell them on ebay.

I was quite pleased to find the LAST of my size for the re-release of the darted jacket. I chuckled to myself when I saw other jackets without the same oversized re-edition sign on them...I thought that somewhere out there, an overzealous Margiela fan has it framed on their wall.

The extended body dart bisects the chest welt into two. You couldn't carry your cell phone in there, but hey that's what pants pockets are for! This excites me very much, I'm over zealous about fashion I think. Any day of the week a t-shirt and sweat pants can be worn (well, never by me) for a functioning outfit, but there's no surrealistic, dramatic quality in that.
What is the point in bisecting a pocket? Darts are used to contour fabric to the body. There is no purpose putting a dart into the chest welt nor the lapel.

But that's the brilliance of Margiela.
When observing his collections and his concepts, it's an interesting moment to stop and try to think about what voice the collection has.
But sometimes, instead of asking why, ask yourself, why not?
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