I do hate to start any post with an apology, but I feel like I do owe you one! I had technical difficulties with my last Margiela post. I shot over 3 days, outside, inside, diff rooms, diff lighting...all this madness. 
Please accept my apology...we can enjoy the post now, yes?
I think I talked my mouth off with the story and the details behind Martin Margiela.
In short, the darted jacket feels wonderful, like second skin. The flat coat is delicate like paper, it doesn't wrinkle, it crinkles. I love it regardless, but I'm afraid of wearing it sometimes!
I baby my clothes...

I want to get a little personal here and answer the question, what is fashion to me?
Bow tie- Honest Ed's
Jacket- Martin Margiela by H&M
Shorts- Comme Des Garcons by H&M
Boots- Salvation Army

Fashion is... 
an art form, a visual beauty adorned by your body. 
It is the beloved sweater your best friend picked out for you in Salvation Army.
It is the tattoo of your grandmother's name embossed on your neck.
It is your favorite designer applying their fabricated dreams onto your body.
Fashion is a discipline, a careful and technical eye for drafting, sewing, draping. 
It is the sleepless nights devoted to quarter scale drafting homework, the numb fingers from sewing the (not quite) perfect sample.

 Fashion is both public and personal. 
It is on European runways, the streets of Japan, in blogs, in newspapers. 
It is the memories etched in the dress you wore on your first date, it is why you carry that beat up wallet for years, despite the rips and tears and the coins that drop out from them.
It is an addiction, unlike nicotine, with no patch, but fashion followers embrace this.
Fashion is a life style, a way of life, an everyday habit.

Fashion is a surreal escape.
It is a classic lolita embodying a doll as she rides the subway, the gothic ninja walking to work, and the 70's punk going grocery shopping.   
And also a reality check that answers the question,
if I don't create, how do I know if I am really here?