Dear baby blog,
I haven't forgotten about you, did you forget about me?

I'm sorry for the delay! I've been indescribably busy with school work and what not. I think about writing you always, but time seems to escape me. Forgive me? I promise to write to you at least once a week!
I used Michelle Phan's Nana make-up tutorial to get the look.

I always say the most exciting time of the day is when you're deciding what to wear.
To me, I am choosing a persona for the day. Of course I'm always just Jell on the inside, regardless of what I wear. But sometimes, you have to let your inner child play dress-up.
Leather Jacket: Topshop
Kilt: Salvation Army

Why not? Life's too short to dress the same every day.

Maybe Monday I'm an English gentleman, perhaps Tuesday I'm a lonesome bandit. Who knows. That's where the excitement comes in.

I don't often cosplay, but I was feeling especially Nana the other day. I didn't see the resemblance in me until the red lipstick and leather jacket found one another.

I love that Nana is such a sweetheart on the inside of her hard edge exterior. She's passionate, caring, genuine and she wears her heart on the sleeve of her Vivienne Westwood heart-lapel jacket. Who wouldn't want to be Nana for a day?