Shhh the pirate prince is deep in thought...
Earlier this week I asked you to guess what my Halloween costume was. If you guessed pirate, yerrr only half right!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It's the spirit of giving candy (unless you're "too old" to enjoy the wonders of trick or treating...) and an exciting time to assume a new persona.

Ah yes, I previously talked about why I love to dress up. You could say everyday is my own personal Halloween, being any character I wish to be. But what makes this holiday extra special? 

 The spirit of Halloween lives in everyone's inner child playing dress up. It's exciting to be part of a living fantasy when Beetlejuice walks by you on the subway, a Power Ranger holds the door open  for you and Nicki Minaj is lined up ahead of you in Tim Hortons. Who doesn't want to live that fantasy for a day?

I made these puffy knickers over the summer time!
Double welt pocket with hidden flap
Double welt pocket with flap

As excited as I was for Halloween (did I mention I planned my costume during the summer time?), I was saddened to walk around downtown to see very few people in costume. It almost felt like a normal day to me.

What I love about the Halloween mentality is yes, we all understand that we're not really these super heroes or celebrities or animals , but we're all invited (well, those who are dressed up) to the same secret party thrown by our inner child.

Did you accept the invitation this year?