INSPIRED STYLE: How to dress like Janelle Monáe

With New Years Eve around the corner, I'm sure you have plenty of  exciting parties, shindigs and galas to attend to with some lovely people.
The problem is...what are you going to wear? The same dress you wore during the Christmas party the week before? That tired silk blouse stained with red white?

Why not ring in the New Year in style by rocking a fresh yet timeless look inspired by the dapper and delicious Janelle Monáe?

Janelle Monae is a power house of vocals with a sharp style to match. Her style isn't dictated by fast fads or dying trends. Janelle's look is always classic, timeless and dapper.

While still keeping with her style, I'll show two variations of her style; a simple yet classy look and a more dressed up look that's dapper all the way to wear to any New Years event you may attend!

OUTFIT: The maestro's shorts

No matter how cold it is, I also enjoy throwing in a pair of shorts or knickers to my outfits. Of course, pants will keep you warm and jeans are reliable, but shorts always add a sense of boyish whimsy to my outfits.

As mild as these uncharacteristically mild Canadian winters are, a pair of wool tights can be your best friend too!

OUTFIT: Ghost boy

WOW my first semester is just ended! What a whirl wind of madness...My last exam ended yesterday, and yet my feelings of freedom has yet to actualize!
I do have plenty to work on during my "break."

But the end of the semester also means the end of autumn. Autumn is my favorite season, so I'm sad to see it dissipate.