With New Years Eve around the corner, I'm sure you have plenty of  exciting parties, shindigs and galas to attend to with some lovely people.
The problem is...what are you going to wear? The same dress you wore during the Christmas party the week before? That tired silk blouse stained with red white?

Why not ring in the New Year in style by rocking a fresh yet timeless look inspired by the dapper and delicious Janelle Monáe?

Janelle Monae is a power house of vocals with a sharp style to match. Her style isn't dictated by fast fads or dying trends. Janelle's look is always classic, timeless and dapper.

While still keeping with her style, I'll show two variations of her style; a simple yet classy look and a more dressed up look that's dapper all the way to wear to any New Years event you may attend!
The first look is simple yet classy. This is for a casual get together with friends over a bottle of wine to watch the ball drop or perhaps an office party where a ball gown would be far too inappropriate!

Top: A crisp, fitted white dress shirt is key, tuxedo shirt (with black buttons!) would be best but not necessary. Pin tucks are your best friend here, this design detail adds refinement to your look.

Janelle rocks a more feminine yet simple look sometimes with a white blouse with frills and ruffles. This detail adds a ladylike air to your outfit.

Bottoms: Black, fitted dress trousers. High waisted trousers is Janelle's signature. I don't own a pair (oops!), but have no fear, natural waist is fine, the key is fit. Janelle is always rocking a tailored look, you won't see her in ill-fitted, sloppy trousers so you shouldn't be wearing them either!

Accessories: Janelle is almost never without a decorated décolletage! A simple black ribbon tie is a chic way to dress your neckline without going too over the top. A black bow tie would also work.

If you chose to wore a blouse with ruffles, a bow is not necessary as the ruffles work to dress your décolletage!

Shoes: Black and white saddle shoes or tuxedo shoes. Janelle can rock both flats or a bit of heel and still look sexy. 
Shirt: Thrift, Ribbon Tie: DIY, Trousers: Topman

The second look is more dressier, the dapper all the way look. This look is for a grand dinner date on New Years Eve or perhaps an elegant soiree with friends. Keep a monochromatic color scheme in mind, a harmony of black and white is key.

Top:  A three piece suit is almost the definition of dapper. It's sophisticated, and special enough that it's kept away from day-to-day wear.
1. Blouse: Once again a crisp, fitted shirt with pintucks works well for the dapper look. A two piece collar or convertible collar is needed for this look to hold a neckline accessory.

2. Vest: This garment makes the three piece suit special, differentiates from a normal suit. It should match the same color as your blazer for cohesion.

3. Blazer: Very key piece for your dapper all the way look! I could go on and on about how special blazers are and all the choices you can make to mimic Janelle's look, but I'll try to get a quick run down for you.
Choose a fitted black or white blazer.
Key detail: Contrasting color lapel (ex- white blazer with a black lapel), contrasting textures in the lapel (sequins, velvet or leather), or over-sized lapel
Bottom: Once again, they key to a classic look is fit. High waisted or not, wide lengthen trousers or fitted trousers, make sure those trousers hug you correctly! Tuxedo trousers would work very well with the more dapper look! That added stripe is a great subtle but refined design detail.

Accessories: A bow tie that matches your blazer yet contrasts your top (ex- black bow tie on white shirt with black blazer), ribbon tie, or skinny tie in silk or leather.

Shoes: Once again, saddle shoes or tuxedo shoes would work. Black and white dress shoes would work well, flats or heels, your choice. I don't have them but I have black oxford heels which still works well!
Blouse: Bebe, Bow accessory: Alice and the Pirates, Vest: Thrifted, Blazer: Tristan, Trousers: Top Shop, Shoes: Spring
Janelle's hair is pretty iconic. No one rocks a pompadour like Janelle and it's an essential element for this inspired style. Whether your hair is high or low, I'll try to walk you through some video tutorials that'll help you achieve this look.

Short Hair: I have naturally straight, really short hair. My hair was specifically cut so it could be molded into a pompadour, so it's a bit easier for me to style it.

But if you're new to pompadours, I love many of Rebel Rouser's tutorials for legit old-school, rockabilly pompadours.  Though with short hair, you're somewhat at a disadvantage having less hair to work with nor the texture that Janelle has, his tutorials are easy to follow and you can still get a Janelle-esque look. I used his wet combing tutorial for my Maestro look.

Long Hair: If you have long hair and want to rock a pompadour, this tutorial is quick and easy to follow, all you need is some pins. She doesn't use a comb herself, but for styling any pompadour I would always recommend  using a comb for sure.

Textured Hair: If you have textured hair like Janelle, you're lucky! That extra texture adds to the Janelle-look and there's several easy tutorials to follow. I think the simple instructions in this hair tutorial work well, but uhhh...but like I said, I have naturally straight hair so I haven't tried this myself!

Make up for the Janelle look should stay more natural looking, but not plain. I don't have a specific Janelle Monae make-up tutorial for you, but I recommend Michelle Phan's natural Parisian look.

Pair this with your choice of Michelle Phan's peachy lips or regular pink/light lip gloss and Janelle's signature spider lashes to finish your look.
To achieve spider lashes, I combined the white mascara of Maybelline XXL Curl Power Mascara and L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Waterproof Mascara. Apply the white mascara first, then your main mascara. Wiggle your brush as you apply it to make sure you coat each lash thoroughly.
Out takes: I tried to dance like Janelle for some of the pictures...I shouldn't be allowed to dance in public ha
Thank you for reading! I hope you found this inspired style useful and inspired you to achieve the Janelle Monáe  look to celebrate the New Year!
If you used any of this guide to get the look, I would love to hear, or better yet see, your look! Comment below and let me know.