No matter how cold it is, I also enjoy throwing in a pair of shorts or knickers to my outfits. Of course, pants will keep you warm and jeans are reliable, but shorts always add a sense of boyish whimsy to my outfits.

As mild as these uncharacteristically mild Canadian winters are, a pair of wool tights can be your best friend too!

Whip my pomp back and fourth
Pomp- My head, Bow/shirt/shorts- Thrifted, Jacket- Martin Margiela by H&M
I think my addiction to shorts and knickers stem from a great sense of harmony they share with leg covering accessories. This comes in the form of thigh high socks, stockings, tights, pantyhose etc. 

A good pair of black trousers will go with most outfits, but I rely on those charming black shorts to show off some polka dot tights or cable knitted thigh high socks! It adds a certain charm, air of playfulness, don't you think?
The focus of the outfit is my Margiela darted jacket. Therefore, wearing a white bow over a white shirt does not draw attention away from my focal point.