Happy holiday folks!

The end of 2012 marks the end of my first (less than a) year of blogging!
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my fashion world as much as I enjoy creating this window for you.

I rounded up my top five favorite posts of 2012.
The closest I get to showing you my smile thus far! Ho ho ho

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I share an outfit inspired by Nana, a punk rock musician of the same name of the anime/manga series. I talk about my love of dressing up as different personas.

I show you the close-up views of intrinsic details of  my Margiela by H&M garments.

An outfit post where I fade like the autumn season

Alongside outfits of my Margiela garments, I get a little more personal and talk about what fashion means to me (the hardest but most rewarding entry I've written!).

While showing you my pirate prince costume, I rave about my love for Halloween.

What was your favorite just jell post of 2012?

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