Over the weekend I attended my first dinner party! My lovely friends were throwing a dinner party to celebrate an exciting birthday and I was thrilled to be invited to be part of the festivities. 

I wanted to look sharp for the event. Naturally, I choose to wear a menswear look. Of course I decided on a three piece suit, what could be more dapper?

There are so many reasons why I choose to wear menswear on a daily basis and for special occasions. 

My short hair, boyish frame, and gentlemanly demeanor all comes into play when my body adorns these second skin suits with a tame yet regal flare. It's the feel of embodying an English gentleman that gives me a thrill of wearing suits on any given day. It just feels right. I am the personification of how gentlemanly I am on the inside and behave on the outside.

One thing I really love about menswear is the timeless quality of it. Though menswear does have directional trends, both long and short term, the suit itself will always be in style. I could wear this three piece suit look twenty years from now and not look. dated. At the same time, I could easily wear this look twenty years ago and still look sharp. 

Menswear is not driven by fads or gimmicky pieces. An outfit can still be current and sharp without having to rely on the latest five minute fad. Every piece in an outfit, from the hats, to the accessories, tailored blazers and trousers, shiny dress shoes, is thoughtfully pieced together for the sake of how key they are to the over all look. It's beautiful if you look at it in an philosophical stand point.

Even simpler looks (non-suits) work well with just a mindful purpose of each garment (notice how the green of his sweater is exemplified by the green of his dress shirt). 

Who wouldn't be in love with menswear?

I had so much fun at the dinner party! I saw some old friends, met some new ones and enjoyed delicious food during the dinner. 

We had Bengali food, I hadn't tried Bengali food before and if there's one thing to know about me, I'm an adventurer of food! I don't say no to trying new things. I do apologize for having no food pictures...I engulfed everything too quickly before I could snap a few photos!

Though I have a weak tongue for spicy food, everything was still so tasty. The yogurt helped tone down the lava. The key component of the dish was the rich curry over the marinated chicken, and an extra dopple over the saffron rice.

Bday present for my friend!
Cute bath set from Body Shop! By the way she loved the gift!
This post is a submission to IFB Project #80: Menswear… For Everyone.