Vest/Shirt- Thrift, Knickers- Self made, Booties- Aldo
Way back in my first outfit post, I said, "Sometimes I force myself to wear color. It's too easy to wear all black, everyday."  Perhaps that was too misleading for a first post? I'm not incorrect...I do force myself to wear color. I tell myself, "Jell, you can not wear black (and white) every day, all the time, for every occasion."

But alas my idea of "not wearing black" is an occasional red sweater or navy knickers, that's a stretch, isn't it?

However I can't deny my love for monochromatic outfits. I prove that time and time again.

I must start with this lovely black and white shirt I thrifted a while back. It's entirely black, except for a front panel in a contrasting white. The black buttons on the white panel adds to the allure of the entire shirt. The embroidery is also a lovely detail that is over looked when I wear a vest, what a shame! 

The white bow paired with the white vest is to balance the overall marriage of black and white in my outfit. This matrimony is once again reflected in one garment on my lower half, black/white striped socks. The fleece fringed black scarf is purely for warmth.

I don't think I can pull away from black and white, these are my tribal colors. Using thoughtful design details and textures should keep my outfits fresh.