A phase we all go through as a child was carrying around our faithful security blanket everywhere we could. This "security blanket" was a piece of home, whether it took form of a fuzzy blanket, a smiling doll or a soft puppy plushie.

Now that you're older, you no longer carry that piece of security with you in such a playful form. Maybe it takes shape as your vintage watch or your favorite purse. However you wear it, you feel a sense of comfort and safety. 

Though my style is eclectic, there are always some pieces I rely on for the same comfort.

Here are my top 5 security blankets that I carry around daily:

1. I believe this is my first time wearing glasses on my blog? Well I wear them everyday. It's not so much comfort as a necessary tool for daily vision.

2. My general aesthetic is a sense of equal yet asymmetrical balance. 
I have 9 piercings (one on my face, three on my left ear, five on my right) at the moment. The cross and rose earring are always my go to pair, the size, and color compliment each other nicely. 

3. My neck is never bare! Bandanas, bow ties, ties or chokers, I can not leave the house with a bare neck. I feel incomplete without something keeping my chin company and my neck warm.

My favorite scarf! Leopard print is one of my favorite patterns. It was a Christmas gift a couple winters ago from my best friend. It isn't as warm as my large black scarf, but the comfort of a thoughtful gift keeps me warm!

4. I wear these two rings every day, and I'm distraught if I'm ever caught without them! 
The brass ring I picked up at a jewelry supply store...I don't believe it's an actual ring itself. It's used to mold other rings? I'm not quite sure.
The silver one is a gift from my mum.

5. My timeless and trusty leather jacket that virtually goes with any outfit. 
I am sincerely not prepared for winter. A warmer jacket is needed to fight these Canadian winters, but I feel as if my leather jacket is my battle armor.

Jacket: Topshop, Bandana/Shirt: Thrift, Pants: Self-made
What is your security blanket?