Hello readers...
I am so sorry for the unannounced hiatus! It was a combination of being sick for over a month (which exhausted my face causing me to be terribly unphotogenic), breaking my camera, and needing a break.

My semester is finished, so I can focus on fashion as a whole, and of course, my blog.
I'll explain everything in due time, let's just roll into things shall we?
An alluring characteristic of clothing is the mystery a piece of garment may hold, and only you, the wearer, knows all of it's secrets.
Your favorite t-shirt belonged to an old friend years ago, and you forgot to return it.
You only wear that sweater your grandma bought you to her house, but you otherwise hide it in the depths of your closet.

My favorite sweater, shown here, holds a secret of it's own too.
This sweater appears to be a simple black and grey striped sweater.

Necklace: Lipgloss and Black
Sweater: Thrifted + DIY
Shorts: Comme des Garcons by H&M
Tights, Bag: Gift
Shoes: Thrifted
As my favorite sweater, I love how the simplicity of the monochromatic color blocking dominates, yet matches, any outfit.
As simplistic as it may appear, what makes this sweater stand out to me as my favorite sweater is the yellow screen printed image.
Necklace: Lipgloss and Black
I found this sweater a few years ago at a thrift store. I loved everything about this sweater, but wanted to add a punch to it.
The image I screen printed onto it is a close up of a woman's hands covering her chest, modestly concealing the curvature of her breast. 
I wish I still had the original image, but that was years ago and I no longer have it. I loved the original image. It was both erotic, yet modest in it's own right. It's not obscenely crude, but it's a cryptic vector of a female nude.

When I am in movement, or even standing still from a far, you can't immediately see what this yellow enigmatic image is.
But that's the allure of the sweater's secret.  

What secrets do your garments hold?