Happy belated Canada's Day!
I had a fantastic Day o' Canadians by rocking out at my first concert by one of my favorite bands, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 
Being a fan of their unique blend of New York rifts, powerful yet angelic vocals and often atmospheric keyboard melodies, it was quite an honor to finally see them live in concert. 

Front runner goddess of alternative music, Karen O has a reputation for her outrageous outfits and wild onstage antics. It was an exciting build-up, anticipating what she would be wearing.

O, a naturally energetic and an excitable ball of light, rocked the stage wearing O's twist on a modern Elvis attire, with a fringed, white sequin short suit while wielding a rainbow microphone with a yellow cord. She lat
er draped a red fringed scarf around her neck, further adding to her Elvis look.

It was a truly powerful performance with a passionate O on vocals, an enthralled guitarist/keyboardist Nick Zinner and an often smiling while drumming Brian Chase. Dedicated fans sang along to every song, hung on every word off of O's lips that sang songs from the newest album Mosquito, as well as debut hit album Fever to Tell, 2007 Grammy nominated Show Your Bones as well as my personal favorite album It's Blitz! 
Though O rocked the stage with her peacock strut and eclectic energy for most of the show for song such as  Black TongueSacrilege, and Zero, she slowed down for an intimate performance of Subway. The crowd fell silent as O held guitarist-keyboardist David Pajo close and sang in a hush tones, fitting for the subtly sensual song.

One of the most memorable moments of hour and a half performance was YYY's encore performance of Cheated Hearts. During the repeating vocals of "ooh ooh woo ooh oh oh", O handed the mic to an audience memory, she lovely mouthed the lyrics to them as them sang back, then gestured to the person next to them (indicating for them to pass the microphone). A fan or two messed up the rhythm (the audience sneered and grumbled a bit), but O still smiled on, mouthing the lyrics and wagging a finger left and right to conduct the single audience orchestra.

My favorite performance of the night was their intimate performance of Maps their romantic yet heartbreakingly sad song. The whole audience sang to every tragic lyric. As I sang with O and the audience of over 2000, you could feel the atmosphere change to a somber dedication to O's love song. 

YYY ended the night with a second encore, wildly performing Date with the Night for a hungry crowd wanting more. O's last and most memorable onstage antic was accompanied with her microphone, where she tucked her microphone into her blouse, down her pants, and through her unzipped fly. She pulled the microphone out from her fly and held her microphone w her mouth, arms out and posed triumphantly for the roaring crowd.

It was a wonderful performance and exceeded my, already high, expectations of how dynamic and energetic the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would sound live.

Set List
Under the Earth
Black Tongue
Gold Lion
Down Boy
Y Control
Turn Into
Heads Will Roll

Cheated Hearts

Second Encore
Date with the Night