Some clothing act as fashion, some act as art.
Some express beauty while others evoke rebellion.

But some seduce you to ask question and invites your eyes to find the answers.

I recently found this gem while thrifting in the menswear section of a second hand store.
I was instantly drawn to keep exploring the shirt.
The more I really look at it, up close and a far, laid flat or upon my body, the more interesting details began to emerge.
 I am quite fond of the cuffs. They're two toned, and have alternating stripes. They're subtly asymmetrical, simply for the colors, but the stripes are still on point and match up wonderfully.

Back side of the cuff. The black, knifed stripes grow bolder before growing into the black cuff seen above.

Chest, close up
Arm hole seam

Notice the subtle white stripe before the white and black stripes meet on the chest and sleeves.
  What first caught my eye about this shirt was the stripes on the chest. They're almost headache inducing, but doesn't that add to the allure? It feels like I'm a walking optical illusion.

To add to the visual enigma, the playful stripes (line) dance uniformly on a gradient of black fading to gray to white. As it fades to white, the black stripes grow thinner.

The more I look at it up close, my mind skips back and fourth between what is the stripe and what is the background, the white or the black?

Shirt: Armani Exhchange (thrifted)
Pair my new favorite shirt with a black bow tie, a textured, geometric clutch and a few silver rings.