So I am back from an unannounced three month break! I apologize for the long wait, a series of hectic life events and a busy school schedule barred me from making any blogging process.

I have some gem posts planned ahead, I want to make the best of the remains of 2013.

This autumn the Ripley's Aquarium opened in the butt of downtown Toronto near the CN Tower! I've been waiting for the opening of the aquarium since the summertime, and construction dates postponed the date, building up more anticipation and heart ache!
Excuse my wide grin, comical smile. I was extremely excited.
I found a day to indulge in ocean madness with a few friends who were equally excited. I've never been to an aquarium prior, ahh new life experiences.

These deep sea buggers look like they do not enjoy the publicity, my apologies!

They way these fish swayed with the kelp and current was elegant and beautiful
They let me man an underwater craft. I'm a great captain in the making!

 This little guy must be one of my favorites, he's just as happy to see you as you are to him.
Tomorrow I will have a part ii post of my aquarium adventures with jellyfish, stingrays and the petting tank!

Photographer: OHR