The best part of the trip is stored here! 
Majestic stingrays
Fun fact about horseshoe crabs! The male trails behind female crabs in order to protect them.

When petting them, we were told to stroke them lightly with two fingers. I accidentally were petting their eyes before I realized what that bump was.

JELL at Planet JELLies
My favorite part of the aquarium! We spent most of our time here.
I've been fascinated with jellyfishes ever since I was a kid. When I was in elementary school, we had to pick our favorite animal to write a report and create a display on. I remember our teacher emphasizing how we should only pick the most important facts to put on the report, she was trying to teach us how to be selective with our data.
I thought everything about jellyfishes were interesting and important, therefore I included everything I could find on them.

 It was so ethereal standing so close to the jellyfish tank. They swayed with the water and changed colors every few seconds.

Moon jellyfish
A little perspective of how tiny some of the jellyfish were!
Photographer: OHR