Black and gold
 December is a time for celebration and fun! Family get togethers, catching up with old friends, this is the month where, no matter how busy you are, you gotta get your best look together and spread that holiday cheer.

   I wanted to sprinkle some color into my outfit for my holiday outfit. What's more decadent than gold? 

I paired my favorite pumpkin knickers with a gold chain blouse.Both my knickers and blouse have gold buttons. You can't gold overboard with that metal accent. Head to toe in the accent can be a bit much, but dashing it through your accessories is subtle and sophisticated.

Wearing gold for the holiday get togethers feels right, it's the glitter on the Christmas tree ornament, the sprinkle of powder on your front yard, the shine on the gift wrapping.

I'm wearing a few rings I received from thoughtful friends from our recent Christmas party! There will be a post soon showing some of my fantastic presents.

This outfit was part of IFB'S Celebration Style post!
Photographer: OHR