Minature vintage sewing machine next to my mini Christmas tree
Hello holiday party people, it's that time of the year at just jell's! 
Last year I brought you my top five posts. I tried so hard to narrow it down this year to five posts to share, but I couldn't help myself and threw in another one that deserved some of the limelight.

Though Christmas has literally just ended and I'll be heading off to Boxing Day shopping soon to fish for some good deals. While the holiday happy feelings are still buzzing, I wanted to reflect on posts I enjoyed writing the most as well as the ones you resonated with!

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This post was both fun to write, exciting to shoot and you readers enjoyed it too! In this post, I venture into the fine details of one of my favorite shirts. There's just so much mysterious between the stripes that I had to go in depth with it.

Going beyond what clothing I place on my body, I write introspectively of the accessories and garments that mean the most to me and make me feel safe. 

Inspired by soft and hard elements of fabric and the femme fetale I show some of my illustrations, creative and technical, of designs I would like to make someday.

I fixed myself up in my finest wig and painted on my war paint to show a more feminine side to my design demeanor. I created a dress coat that showed technical detail and soft design details.

Calling myself the monochromatic curator, I brave the cold to show off the black and white details of one of my favorite outfits. I go into detail to reflect what thought goes into each garment and accessory and what the allure of the (lack of) color scheme is for me.

Have a terrific remaining 2013 and hope to see you in 2014 for a more inspiring and geared up posts for just jell!