OUTFIT: The monochromatic curator

Vest/Shirt- Thrift, Knickers- Self made, Booties- Aldo
Way back in my first outfit post, I said, "Sometimes I force myself to wear color. It's too easy to wear all black, everyday."  Perhaps that was too misleading for a first post? I'm not incorrect...I do force myself to wear color. I tell myself, "Jell, you can not wear black (and white) every day, all the time, for every occasion."

But alas my idea of "not wearing black" is an occasional red sweater or navy knickers, that's a stretch, isn't it?

However I can't deny my love for monochromatic outfits. I prove that time and time again.

OUTFIT: Security blanket

A phase we all go through as a child was carrying around our faithful security blanket everywhere we could. This "security blanket" was a piece of home, whether it took form of a fuzzy blanket, a smiling doll or a soft puppy plushie.

Now that you're older, you no longer carry that piece of security with you in such a playful form. Maybe it takes shape as your vintage watch or your favorite purse. However you wear it, you feel a sense of comfort and safety. 

Though my style is eclectic, there are always some pieces I rely on for the same comfort.

Here are my top 5 security blankets that I carry around daily:

1. I believe this is my first time wearing glasses on my blog? Well I wear them everyday. It's not so much comfort as a necessary tool for daily vision.

2. My general aesthetic is a sense of equal yet asymmetrical balance. 
I have 9 piercings (one on my face, three on my left ear, five on my right) at the moment. The cross and rose earring are always my go to pair, the size, and color compliment each other nicely. 

Happy 2013!

Hello lovely people, and welcome to the New Year!
I hope 2013 brings you fresh inspiration, new beginnings and great successes! 

There's a hundred things I want to do to better my blog for 2013! To name a few, I want to illustrate a lot more, improve my photography, post more regularly and overall show you what just jell is really about. 

I'm really excited about all the things I have in store for you! As much as I enjoy doing outfit posts, there's so much more I want to bring to just jell in 2013.

Just a little reminder that you can also follow me on twitter and tumblr!

Thank you for staying tuned in!