They say when it comes with gifts, it's the thought that counts.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts from this past holiday was given to me by my best friend who knew I was struggling to find a great backpack. My perimetres were simple: it had to be black, have interesting details and large/sturdy enough to carry my metric tons of supplies I bring to school.

I walked around endless malls of boring bags and lazy designs that failed to catch my eye. If I was lucky enough to have found a bag I liked, they were too small to hold my sketchbook or too dainty to trek around with.

A few weeks before Christmas, my best friend approached me with a few great backpacks picked out from YesStyle. She knew I was hungry for great functional and unique design and a backpack that would get me excited about a new day.
What made my backpack extra special was the time it took with my best friend to consult and consider which backpack was best suited for me. It was more thoughtful to be included in the decision making process (and also more fun!).

With a couple hours of consultation and delibration, together we picked out this wonderful Big Cat backpack made by Morn Creations!

If you haven't heard of Morn Creations before, they are a Hong Kong-based bag and accessory company that specializes in animal shaped designs. They pride themselves with their adovacy campaign that is against the use of animal skins (leathers and furs) with their products and always opt for a synthetic alternative. 
Side View
While maintaining this environmental stance, all their designs are still eye-catching, colorful and heart-warming.
What I love most about this backpack is how fun the design is. This black panther shaped backpack has bubble eyes, little hooks for ears and plastic teeth that hide the buckle closure.

Drawstring closure
It's also really sturdy. I have taken this backpack to a grocery store, walked away carrying two pound sacks of rice, canned goods and veggies and still felt no great weight on my shoulders. It really felt as if I wasn't carrying anything on my back. 
It's surprising how much this backpack can hold! It was difficult to take a photo with adequate lighting to show you the depth of the bag, but it swallows my entire arm with room to spare!

The only con I have with this bag is how cumbersome a drawstring closure can be. If I'm in a hurry to grab something from my bag, I must flip the head of the panther back, pull the drawstring loose and search for it. Drawstring closures are not not very convenient. If it was replaced with a zipper closure, it would a lot more easier to get into the bag!
Heavy-duty shoulder straps with extra padding for comfort and strength. It also has two buckles to across the chest to add extra support.
Paw print shaped zipper ends on all zippers
Front pocket

Front view                                                                                  Back view
The only issue I have with the bag is the drawstring closure being cumbersome, but other than that, I am in love with this bag. The heart-warming design, the strength of the structure, how spacious the interior is, all of these factors of the backpack captured my heart and interest. I couldn't recommend this bag more.

Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored or endorsed by Yes Style or Morn Creations (but it would be nice!). Any opinions expressed on this product was purely my own.