EVENT: justkiddingfilms meet and greet in Toronto!

I had the extreme pleasure to attend an event organized by MTM Productions for a special meet and greet with JustKiddingFilms! I have been following JKF for years, I can remember watching them starting from my teenage years and I never thought I would be able to actually meet them and have a few laughs with them.

If you aren't familiar with JFK, get familiar! They're a comedic team of voices and faces of Asian media pioneering for a minority that is represented far less frequently on Western outlets. They were one of the first popularized and successful Asian youtubers who rose alongside Nigahiga and Wong Fu Productions through the mid 2000's to the present.

They're known for their comedic take on Asian culture, families, gender role reversal and a hell of a lot more (they have almost 5 different youtube channels with a distinct direction, respectively).

Here's one of my personal favorit videos of JKF. During the trend of "Shit _____Says" videos, JKF had the funniest videos that are completely relate able and hilarious. Do you see a parent, uncle or auntie of yours somewhere in the video?

Any who, back to the event. OHR and I had to arrive extra early to secure good seats. Knowing that it was JKF's first time showing in Toronto? It's almost GUARANTEED that hundreds of fans will be flocking to the event.

OUTFIT: snow white and black in King City

 If the weather outside is shockingly frigid, I try to stay huddled in layers of blankets and comforters. 

But what I love about snowy days is that the temperature drops, there's a dusting of snowflakes in the air and it's time for a little adventure.
I had the great pleasure of venturing King City, a relatively small township of under 5000 people in Northern Ontario, with a lovely host that wasn't barred from the snow.

Tredging in 15 cm of snow was no easy task, but the scenary was too beautiful to deny.