If the weather outside is shockingly frigid, I try to stay huddled in layers of blankets and comforters. 

But what I love about snowy days is that the temperature drops, there's a dusting of snowflakes in the air and it's time for a little adventure.
I had the great pleasure of venturing King City, a relatively small township of under 5000 people in Northern Ontario, with a lovely host that wasn't barred from the snow.

Tredging in 15 cm of snow was no easy task, but the scenary was too beautiful to deny.

There were great land blanketed with fresh snow everywhere, active barns with docile horses, forests too dangerous to explore (would there be coyotes about?) and frozen tractors that would be otherwise used in any other season.

King City may not be a bustling metropolis or fast pace city, but it was a serene experience. I'm thrilled of the aspect of returning every season to explore the many natural faces it holds. 
I heard that in the autumn season, there are fields and fields of orange pumpkin patches, changing leaves and local farmers display their best produce for fellow townspeople to purchase. 

I can't wait until I return to explore more faces of King City, and when I do, I'll share my experiences here.

 Photographer: OHR