The last time I wrote one a design detail entry was last summer and I really enjoyed writing about the dozens of things I loved about my favorite dress shirt. It's a shame that it's been so long, because there's plenty of interesting clothing and jewelry I wanted to showcase! 

To start off with a bang, here is my favorite cardigan. 
Sleek shape, long sleeves, extra appendages across the neck and side seams feel like extra arms

The back has a deep scoop adding two more long appendages to the front
It has a subtle loose weave that gives a seductive, sheer quality
Loose weaved waves washes over the back
Though the tendency to snag is tedious,
Accidental pulls adds to a post apocalyptic feel 
A deconstructive quality only by chance

Cardigan, t-shirt- second hand
Harem pants: Lsana Shop
Boots: Doc Martin