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EVENT: focus innovation with kunihiko morinaga (anrealage)

I first heard about the innovative and exponentially growing Japanese designer Kuniko Morinaga (of Anrealage) years ago. I was at a cash only, pop-up sale of overstock of European fashion magazines, end-of-the-bolt yards of colorful fabric and random knick knacks of button filled ziplock baggies.

Flipping through a F/W 2011-2012 prêt-à-porter issue of gappress, a purposely pixilated collection caught my eye, compelling me to hide the magazine in my stack to later feed my eyes.

Anrealage (a combination of real, unreal, age) is a conceptually interesting, forward thinking yet thoughtfully wearable brain child of Kuniko Morinaga since 2008. It was unreal that I was able to see his latest innovations in his first showing in a week long exhibit in Toronto inspired by technology distractions and the creative solutions for it.