TV: Fresh Off the Boat review

I want to take this opportunity to speak about an important issue to me; Asian representation in mainstream media. While Asian entertainers, writers, and actors take to YouTube to make their mark respectively, there is still an obvious gap for a positive Asian voice in mainstream media.

When we do have a chance to make our mark on the big screen, we either get stuck with stereotypical roles: the socially awkward nerd, sexually vivacious dragon lady or the goofy foreigner who struggles with Western culture. These characters usually lack any depth or dimension.

Enter: Fresh Off the Boat that debuted on ABC last week.

This refreshing and hilarious take on the American Dream follows a Taiwanese family in the 90's adjusting to their new lives in Orlando after moving from Washington D.C.. This was loosely inspired by the memoirs of restaurateur Eddie Huang.

After finish watching their 1 hour debut last week, I was hungry for more.