What do you get when you combine a modern day spy film with forceful action, hilarious dialogue, sharp tailoring and a diabolic yet sensitive evil villain?

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a must-see action comedy.

A spoiler free review
Eggsy is a street-smart teen with a history of run-ins with the law. He's recruited to an international secret intelligence agency and is thrown into the most dangeroius job interview in the world to earn a coveted spot with the Kingsman. It's a race against the clock when a villain with connections and a master plan threatens the future of the world.

I love this film's sidestep away from tired cliches. Though Kingsman does pay tribute to previous iconic spy films before them, it has a modern twist and a strong comedic atmosphere. It strays away from predictable love interests and keeps it fresh with hilarious scenes (keep an eye out for explosions).

My eyes were instantly glued to every scene, as fashion makes an important imprint on the movie. It's clear that they keep up a gentlemen's appearance with emphasizing the importance of bespoke suits (they're bulletproof btw) and fashion was certainly not an afterthought. The headquarters of the weaponry shop was modeled after a famous English bespoke tailor on Savile Row. Their spy gear was high-tech and ofc concealed in accessories and fashion (wouldn't a ring that could deliver 50 000 volts come in handy?).

As eye-catching the strong suits were, even the bad fashion was good. Valentine, the quirky antagonist played by Samuel L. Jackson, had a ridiculous colorful college frat-boy look clashing sweater-vests with popped collars Polo's and a matching cap. He's determined to follow through with his diabolic plans, but he can't stand the sight of blood, a hilarious flaw for a villain.

Elegant, quick, and has the ability to cut a man in half (you actually see it too) with her bionic metal prosthetic Gazelle,Valentine's vicious sidekick, was definitely a character that stood out. Played by Sofia Boutella, she lights up the screen with her deadly skills. She carries herself light-footed (she dresses elegantly all in black with a wink of a white convertible collar), but it's undeniably she should not be underestimated.

The fight scenes were well-directed, quick with multiple angles to keep the audience on their toes. It's been called if Tarantino directed James Bond and Kickass, and it's an impossible feet to compare Tarantino's distinct style, but Matthew Vaughn's direction of Kingsman is powerful in it's own right.

High action is combined with funny dialogue and tongues as sharp as their tailoring wardrobe.

If you like action comedy with high-tech gear and stylish heroes and villains, you should definitely see Kingsman!