This year I'm committed to attend my first baseball game (errr...admittedly, my first sports event!) with some very excited (and determined) friends. But I'm a bit hesitant about what I would wear. Will I look foolish if I don't sport a jersey? Are foam fingers mandatory? I looked to Fanatics for inspiration.

I took a dive in my closet to see what I could pull together for a simple outfit. 
If you're unsure what to wear for your next game day, here are some simple tips to help you decide.

The gray/white can easily match the rest of my closet. The subtle maple leaves at the brim keeps it fun.

1) I want my focal point of my outfit to be my cap. The sun will probably be joining the game too, so make sure to wear sunscreen and a good cap to protect your skin and eyes.

My safe color scheme is always monotonous to the gray scale. I can support my fav team, while matching my outfit by choosing an MLB hat from Fanatics' wide selection. Even after the game, I can still add this hat to future outfits, adding some sporty spice to my look! With Fanatics' quick shipping and a variety of officially licensed hats to pick from, I can grow my hat collection easily.

2) If you're hanging out in a hot stadium all day, short sleeves or sleeveless is the way to go.
Pick your choice top (t-shirts, tank tops, tunic) with a cool graphic or industrial pattern to keep things interesting.

3) Whether you want your bottoms to be pants, shorts or skirts, you'll be sitting for hours (optional: standing up to cheer), so comfort is key. Anything that will make you fidget (ex- leather pants, skirts with lots of decorative zippers, etc) won't be fun for you or the fans around you.

I grabbed my simple drop-crotch gray leggings. It's very easy to wear as the knit hugs my body.

4) Comfortable footwear is a MUST, no negotiation. Leave your heels and pumps at home, you need comfortable shoes to survive your outing. Sure, most of the day will be sitting, but the walk around the stadium, to and from you seat, will be no easy walk if you're teetering on sky high heels.
Think loud patterns or deep textures to add interest.

Cap: Topman
T-shirt: Cafepress, Scarf: Secondhand
Pants: Yesstyle, Shoes: Adidas