These beautifully crafted leather backpacks originally caught my eye through Tokyo street snaps and across Tumblr. I originally bought my backpack last year back when it was under the label "lost mannequin". It was an independent label headed by a self-taught artist, Indonesian designer Freda Gilda. She expertly hand crafted every leather good herself, proudly with no mass production.

With global customers and a loyal following hungry for more, they expanded and rebranded as Lucid Moxie. Backed with a pack of  local skilled artisans and a solid vision in mind, they are currently creating an outstanding collection of highly sought-after unique leather accessories.
In the interior there is two patch pockets and a zippered pocket 
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Very spacious; enough to hold a few magazines and a lot more!
7 Point Review
The Good
1. It is made of genuine leather, therefore will last a lot longer than any synthetic equivalent. There are cheap $20 knock-offs floating around online shops, but it's incomparable to the original design. The knock-offs won't last half as long as Lost Mannequin's genuine construction. 
2. It's very functional! It has three large pockets on the outside (one on the front, two on each side) with magnetic closures. The closures are strong enough to securely hold your treasured goods.
3. The whole backpack is well constructed, there isn't a single broken or loose tension stitch anywhere. 
4. It's important to me to support small businesses, and it should be to you too! 
My bag was originally $50 USD, and is now $117 USD. It sounds steep, but it's completely reasonable. 
They upgraded their leathers to higher grade quality, their studio hires local artisans (therefore supports local businesses to flourish) and everything is handmade, not mass produced, no sweatshops!
5. Quick shipping! Lucid Moxie offers a flat international fee of $20 USD, to be delivered within 3-10 business days.
6. It's easy to clean! They have detailed cleaning instructions, so you can make the most out of your bag for years to come.

The Bad
7. No back support or stiff structured bottom leaves the bag sagging, if it's holding heavier items. It's not a huge issue, but worth noting.

The Verdict
This is one of my favorite bags. Having a beautiful bag is one thing, but if it's too small to hold important items than it can become an inconvenience. If I don't have to choose beauty over functionality, it's already won a place in my heart.

With a unique design, outstanding construction and pockets for days, I can't wait to buy from Lucid Moxie's new collection (and old favorites are revived there too) and I recommend you do too!

Scarf: Gift, Shirt: Majora
Shorts: Comme Des Garcons x H&M
Shoes: Adidas