I'm Jell, just Jell.
No, it's not short for anything.
I'm just Jell.

I'm a Toronto-based style blogger typically seen embossed in black and white with a drop crotch lower half.
I started just jell in October 2012 where I shared my poetic and analytic view on style and fashion.
I believe there's more to fashion than just clothes, there's value and meaning to each garment in your closet.
I'm a fashion designer and illustrator and try to incorporate my exploration, my passion, my inspiration of fashion from all perspectives.
In short, this blog is about just jell. 

Five facts about me, that may or may not be related to fashion
1. The subway is my favorite place to draw, on long trips only. It's therapeutic, calming and the white noise of the subway speeding passed buildings helps me focus...As long as it is not rush hour.

2. For the past few years, I have been shaving my own hair on a biweekly basis using a handheld mirror, a wall mirror and a muted cell phone (no distractions to make me jump!). .

3. I really love to bake and cook. Cupcakes and cakes are among my favorite things to make. My main interest with cooking is mastering Vietnamese cuisine. I haven't attempted pho, because of the complexity and hours invested for the perfect bowl. However, my marinated meats aren't too bad (someday I'll attempt making pho) 

4. I'm the proud mother of an elderly, baby bird. Regardless of her actual age (she's almost 9 years old), I've always viewed her as my gentle baby budgie with a bad attitude. She typically fills my room with her lovely song while I draw or sew. I enjoy making most of her toys from found objects (empty spools of thread!) and dollar store knick-knacks being my medium.

5. I have an addiction to bubble tea. Before I would enjoy it several times a week, but I try to cut back to only once (or twice) a week. With any tea shop I go to, I aim to try every flavor at least once.